Preventative Measures in Northern Pontchartria


3 Germinal CCXI (24 March 2003)
Paris-sur-Mizouri (Republique de la Louisianne)

Following reports of aggresion around the world, a heightened state of alert was declared. In a press conference, President Jean-Francois Young spoke for the Council, citing reports from airships that had recently passed along the southern three provincess of the NAL. In these reports statements were made that suggested a possible and probable amassing of forces by President Jaime Bush of Florida-Caribbea in the western panhandle of Florida.

With the threat of attack either along the coast to Nouvelle Orleans or across to the Mississippi, a state of “greater awareness” has been declared. Troops and artillery as well as military airships are stationed on the northern shores of lake Pontchartrain, with defensive measures ready, should Jaime Bush decide the border of Florida is again too small.

President Young went on to state that should the NAL provinces of Cherokee, Mobile or Jacobia need aid, “Our armies will be your armies; your freedom, our freedom.”

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